Comprehensive, Personalized, & Multigenerational

Our professional experience combines with the skills of additional D.A. Davidson professionals in insurance, estate, financial, and retirement planning to assist in developing a plan that is truly comprehensive. That, along with coordination with your external professional contacts such as attorneys and accountants, creates a plan that is cohesive, clear, and actionable.

Investment Consulting

Management of all investment elements to maximize the probability of clients achieving all that is important to them. We believe in quality investment selection, proper asset allocation, reasonable diversification, tax awareness, and a long-term approach.

Advanced Planning 

The four elements of our advanced planning are:

  • Wealth Enhancement: Investing your money in alignment with your goals and mitigating taxes as much as possible.
  • Wealth Transfer: Transferring wealth effectively both pre and post-mortem.
  • Wealth Protection: Risk mitigation through proper asset allocation and the implementation of insurance when necessary.
  • Charitable Giving: Maximizing your charitable impact whether while living or post-mortem.

Relationship Management

We deeply value your business and, as such, we consistently make ourselves available to you and make communication a high priority.

We also coordinate with your professional network outside of Davidson, to ensure cohesiveness among all aspects of your plan, and we are happy to provide referrals to such individuals for clients that need to establish those relationships.